Kathleen Parsons
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Kathleen Parsons

I was born in 1911, and moved to Leeds at the age of seven.
In 1951 my Husband and I took a small village shop in Horbury. It was then that I learnt most of my Yorkshire Dialect.
The poem concerns the 1920's - 1930's when there were few cars on our roads, and George did his best at the week-end to see that the Doctor's car was kept in good condition.


Osses by Kathleen Parsons

Listen to this verse read by Kevin Wilde

Years ago George wor a pal ov ahrs
'E wor a dab 'and at mendin' brokken dahn cars
lvry Sat'da' 'e wor aht int' road
'Elpin' sumb'dy wi a brokken dahn load

Along 'ud cum owd joe an' shaht
Nay George lad, wot's ta abaht
Won wilta learn, yons a poor lark
'Osses is best for tahn wark

'E wor a coil man wor owd Joe
'E'd se, Ah nobbut tell 'im an' e'll go
Aye lad, even in t'dark
'Osses is t'best for tahn wark

Nahadays 'Osses is kept as pets
The'r' varry gud fer trade fer t'vets
Little lasses luv ter ride
An' dads go runnin' by the'r side